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Litte Treasures

Our Tiny Treasures starts from 18 months - 3 years
This class is for children to learn the basics of gymnastics and is fun and engaging!  The children take part in a structured group activity and then apparatus led by coaches, but guided by their parent or guardian. 

  • A course based class.
  • Preschool theme badges are also incorporated.

Our Little Treasures start from 3 years - until they start their full-time education (4/5 years). 
This class is for children that want to become more independent in their gymnastics. It is a similar structure to Tiny Treasures with a group activity and then circuits of apparatus, but this class is attended independently. 
(Parents will have to stay on site but are not involved in the session). 

  • A course based class.
  • Preschool proficiency badges tested termly.